The Reelsplitter was developed for cutting defective or surplus paper reels.

The material is cut into small pieces enabling processing in a pulper or baler. Characteristic of these machines is their simple, proven construction, operation and control. The Reelsplitter is useful for more than just paper reels.

BOA can also adapt the machine for other types of material such as aluminium reels or bales or plastic. Different transport systems are available such as plate conveyors, rubber belt conveyors and walking floors.


The machine is also provided with a switchbox, straightforward switching system and an emergency stop causing the cutter to stop immediately. The cutter is also protected against overload, in which case it will automatically move up. 

Optional the machine can be equipped with a light curtain emergency circuit which shuts down the machine automatically when persons enter the operation area.


The cutter height is adjustable and secured in its highest and lowest positions by means of end switches. The cutter is also protected by means of a hydraulic pressure circuit. The cutter is driven by two specially constructed cylinders with synchronized movement. The cylinders are fitted with two guide shafts for better distribution of the powers over the cylinder. Cutting is controlled by an optical switch, so that manual setting of the core diameter is not necessary. 

The HRSM can be equipped with a deposit table, a lifting device and a conveyor system. The conveyors can transport material in both directions, so that the paper can be cut into small pieces. 

The vertical prepress flaps in the filling openingf the pressclose simultaneously, resulting in a closed press channel.Because of this, optimal-weight homogeneous bales areproduced without cutting being necessary.

These flaps hve been built in such a way that any impactingforces are efectively absorbed. The front flap is smalle in view of the distribution of forces, and is equipped with a toothing, so that material between the flaps can be cut. The rear flap is equippedwith a fallback mechanism and  an anti-blockage switch, which minimizes interventions.

Because of this, materials that are difficulto press can beprocessed as well. The press ram is equipped with a toothing for processing highly expansive materials. Consequently, the press is extremely suitable for processing paper, cardboard, varied material, various plastics and other recyclables.


If constructed with a “Refuse” ram the baler is also capableof pressing domestic waste, wood, straw, hay and textiles.Moreover, several control possibilities provide optimal pressing results with heavy, well shaped and stackable bales.